DAY 2 Art Class (Community Service)

We did some arts and crafts with them for day 2 – Candle drawing and cling film art. These activities allowed them to use their senses morec also it could be calming and therapeutic for the students. They were all very creative in their own way, presenting pictures with dramatic colours and colour blocking. They stroke their brushes in their own way too, some really thick and strong while others really soft – each one unique to their own senses. 

On day 2, I started to know the students by names, rather than describing them by their conditions. Before this I would mention “a Down syndrome student” (inconsiderate I know. I learnt that) but now I would say Farisya or Diana. The relationship between the kids and I are getting more personal, there’s no barrier between us anymore. We became friends all in the matter of 2 days. I see them for who they are rather than their physical disabilities. With this experience, they definitely weren’t the only one gaining benefit from this community service. 


I bonded significantly with Diana a 44 year old student with Down Syndrome which was really focused on her painting. She was in the zone and wanted to paint every corner and edge of her paper. When Avery and I made a template for them to colour in with the cling film art, she was so happy with the results she kept clapping and asked to do more. It was so rewarding to have made her that happy and excited – felt like all the hard work was worth it.

People always get so uncomfortable when they are  surrounded by people of disability, or some even look at them with complete sympathy. When in fact they are happy (happier than us to be frank – fully limb functioning, right amount of chromosome somewhat healthy human being). Some even completely oblivious to their disability and only see themselves just like everyone else – aren’t they after all? They share the same core value as us, being taught always to be kind, speak softly never harshly. But why – just because they stutter, or have extra chromosomes we look at them like we’re not the same? When we are all made by God and all made with our own set of life challenges. It humbled me, to realise that how ignorant I was to think that I was more “blessed” for being born “healthy”? But it now occurred to me, aren’t they the blessed ones instead? 


20 lessons before 20

I never actually feel my age. Like you don’t wake up on your birthday and feel 20? Right? Unless some of you do.. (tell me how 20 feels). So I spend my time reflecting on what I learnt during my 19th year of living.

Here’s my list of 20 things I learnt before I turned 20
1. Trust your gut. For some reason it’s always right.

2. Do what makes you happy – spoil yourself. 

3. Learn to appreciate people, even with saying thank you, or giving back. Make sure people around you are appreciated.

4. Home is home. Home may change, home may even be a person. It’s even possible that you have more than one home.

5. Don’t be kedekut with knowledge. The more you give the more you get.

6. Love the way you love. Just because you love in a different way than someone else is loving, don’t think the way you’re loving is wrong.

7. Follow every cute animal accounts for an everyday cheer up- @tobypuff my favourite right now.


9. Be confident. Being shy doesn’t get you anywhere.

10. When you look good, you’ll feel good.

11. Your age does not define you. You define your age. Just because I’m 20 y/o doesn’t mean I have to act like a 20 y/o.

12. I actually like living alone. Living at my own pace. Not having to cater to anyone else other than myself.

13. LAUGH. Laugh at everything. If someone spilled water on you, laugh. If you’ve embarrassed yourself, laugh.

14. If you’re having a bad week, it’s okay to take a day off. There should be something such as an emotional day off.

15. Always always be grateful. Life could be worse

16. Dont care about what people think of you, as long as you are proud of who you are. Sod what other people think of you.

17. Have a “go to” outfit to always wear when you’re blocked on what to wear.

18. Make others happy. With a joke, with a kind gesture – just spread happiness and good vibes man.

19. Take your time. University – life , isn’t a race. Everyone should do things at their own pace. No need to compare your timeline with others.

20. Shit, I am old