The month of January

In 2017, I begin my year prepping for my Semester exams. Great start huh? Sitting around, writing notes, talking to myself trying to understand everything while biting my pen. I’ve spent 90% of the time spent with Aimin and Nate. 2 lost souls that have made my time in Notts the best of days. It’s amazing how we got real close, real quick. In the span of A WEEK !!! Group chat named Little ho ho ho.

They’re the life of me in Notts. Waking up at 3pm, and meeting up for breakfast, studying psychology – discussing on how to change courses when we hit a bump in Cognitive that’s impossible to understand. We just instantly click. Lying in Nate’s room, sleeping on the inflatable bed while terribly singing songs while Nate plays the guitar. Drinking tea at midnight. They make me excited to go there which is the feeling I’ve craved for.

Being in Uni is hard. Half of my things are at home, the other half in my dorm room. Closet split in half, the other things.. well, I buy two of everything just to make life easier. I’ve felt half hearted, not completely feeling at home wherever I am. The moment I get comfortable at home, I have to go back to uni. The struggle is more emotional than physical really. But yeah, I’ve found things to be excited for both at home and at uni.

What else happened in Jan..
Debbie left 😦 She went back to Aussieland. I might not see her till next year?? (Remember its 2017 now) She’s not coming back for next christmas or mid year. So that’s gonna be hard. It’s hard having your best friends living in another country, so far away from you. It was so nice having her here, someone I have to talk to about anything. Not having to fill them up about the past to explain the present things, or not having the need to explain who I am as a person for them to understand. That was Debbie. Known me from 2011? But with internet what is distance right? I still have Mimi though, so it’s good. He’s not going anywhere.

But Mimi, started uni. Even though his uni is close by to mine, we only meet up on weekends. So far, we’ve met up every weekend catching up with stories and life update. We’re really close, it’s kinda funny. Mind you, I met this boy at tuition (after school classes). We had no mutual friends, not in the same school, nothing. Would just meet after school at night, for classes that lasts 1-2 hours. Yet, he’s the closest thing I have other than Amirul right now. Coming over at night, catching up with not only me but my family. So comfortable, lying on the floor talking about his crush of the week finishing up the ribena at home. Not knowing when to leave, until it’s just the two of us outside while he smokes and I listen.

I guess all this reminiscing is just my lesson of the month, the importance of friendship, great friendships to be exact. The friends you would live in an empty room with. The ones who would make the best out of nothing, but just of each other. How important it is to have friends to make an empty space a home just by filling it up with laughter. I’m thankful for these friends of mine.



Why I take so long to clean up

With all this room ‘adulting’, I also had to declutter. I’ve been decluttering a lot this year, I gave away half my closet and I also gave/sold all my toys away. Because in my head, the more old things I get rid off, the more space I make for new things which equals to… MORE SHOPPING!
Today I was going through all the clutter in my closet. And I found these little gems. There’s something about presents, cards, and old memory boxes that I can’t throw away or declutter.

It was some sort of guestbook I had where I pasted everyone’s birthday cards. I’m glad I did this, I even wrote everyone’s names. It’s so much better than keeping the cards one by one all messy.

Even a lost card, was stuck in the pile. It’s Debbie’s card for me when we were 15 ❤️ and I found the scrapbook she made for my 16th. I honestly love presents like these. It makes me cry, I’m gonna keep it till I’m grey and I go “Debbie who?”

I’m so happy we’re still each other’s best friends and have our yearly traditions.

Alia made me a scrap book too.

With all the birthday messages and all. It was sweet. Really, I cherish these gifts.

And this one *points downwards* was from Julian. He got it for my 15th birthday. It’s one of the sweetest present I’ve ever gotten. HELLO. I GOT A STAR NAMED AFTER ME ?! Some Walk to Remember shit right there. The star was coordinated to be right above my house on the week of my birthday or something like that. (Alina “twinkle” Nazri was my name on Facebook when I was 13 or something.) It was the cool thing to do then ok. Even in Sri Utama there were two Alina’s and I’m known as “Alina Twinkle” HAHAHHAHA I know how ridiculous that sounds now. Don’t judge me! *Hides under blanket*

Now let’s throw it waaaaaaay back.  With a picture of me during my school days. During film photography days – BI (before iPhone)

That was my primary school. Year 6, our final days before “the real world” (secondary school). I still have some of these people on Instagram which I find amazing.

These pictures above, are pictures from my school trip to Isle of Wight. Where I did all these outdoor things and so called “camped” (in a room with 4 bunk beds) HAHAH. My sister laughed at me comparing her camping trip in Malaysia, where she stayed in the woods with no lights and people get possessed…

These are the best memories of my life, compiled in albums as they sit in dusty boxes way up in my closet. I’m glad I kept them. Most of these pictures I didn’t even remember till I came across them again. They are proof of my experiences and also proof of the love I receive from my friends. I mean c’mon, you can’t make a whole scrapbook for someone if you didn’t love them right?? I’m glad most of these people are still in my life today.