20 lessons before 20

I never actually feel my age. Like you don’t wake up on your birthday and feel 20? Right? Unless some of you do.. (tell me how 20 feels). So I spend my time reflecting on what I learnt during my 19th year of living.

Here’s my list of 20 things I learnt before I turned 20
1. Trust your gut. For some reason it’s always right.

2. Do what makes you happy – spoil yourself. 

3. Learn to appreciate people, even with saying thank you, or giving back. Make sure people around you are appreciated.

4. Home is home. Home may change, home may even be a person. It’s even possible that you have more than one home.

5. Don’t be kedekut with knowledge. The more you give the more you get.

6. Love the way you love. Just because you love in a different way than someone else is loving, don’t think the way you’re loving is wrong.

7. Follow every cute animal accounts for an everyday cheer up- @tobypuff my favourite right now.


9. Be confident. Being shy doesn’t get you anywhere.

10. When you look good, you’ll feel good.

11. Your age does not define you. You define your age. Just because I’m 20 y/o doesn’t mean I have to act like a 20 y/o.

12. I actually like living alone. Living at my own pace. Not having to cater to anyone else other than myself.

13. LAUGH. Laugh at everything. If someone spilled water on you, laugh. If you’ve embarrassed yourself, laugh.

14. If you’re having a bad week, it’s okay to take a day off. There should be something such as an emotional day off.

15. Always always be grateful. Life could be worse

16. Dont care about what people think of you, as long as you are proud of who you are. Sod what other people think of you.

17. Have a “go to” outfit to always wear when you’re blocked on what to wear.

18. Make others happy. With a joke, with a kind gesture – just spread happiness and good vibes man.

19. Take your time. University – life , isn’t a race. Everyone should do things at their own pace. No need to compare your timeline with others.

20. Shit, I am old



20th Birthday 

I never blogged about my birthday, and I didn’t even realised it ! I’m way late on this post …

My birthday falls on 15th November 1996, thus turning me 20 this year. BIG 2-0. I’ve lived 2 decades on this earth, alhamdulillah. I was dreading this birthday most honestly, the whole “not being a teen thing”. I’ve always feared growing up anyways. But my birthday only gets better and better. I’m so blessed to have spent it with the same people, and also new ones ?

I celebrated early with Amirul on the 14th, had a lovely dinner at Beast. As I sat down, I was dying looking at the menu price HAHAH TOTALLY RUINED THE ELEGANT LOOK I WAS GOING FOR. Pulling faces as I pointed at the prices! 😳😫 It was even a candle lit dinner … like whoa grown ass date. I guess those are the dates I go on now ~ adulthood calling like.

The next morning was my birthday, and I spent it away from home. I was at Uni ! I got a knock on the door at 8 am in the morning. I was so confused, thinking that it’s my neighbour planning to complain about my sneezes the night before or something. But as I opened the door with my eyes closed, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” they cheered. It was my friends – uni friends !! It was Sophie, Mali, and Nicolle 💕 Such sweethearts woke up early with cake and balloon and presents. Can’t believed they spared money to buy me those things ??? Guys I wouldn’t be able to even buy yall cake. But thank you. It was really sweet.

I went to rugby training to just sit and watch – it was Alina Day okay. I was excused. Ahahah. As I sat there doing my work, the rugby girls came over for their water break and all of them wished me happy birthday. Such sweeetiesssss ❤️

My mom called me and sang the birthday song. I felt like crying 😭 being away from my home. Usually my mom would knock on my door and wake me up singing happy birthday. My sister would break down my door at midnight screaming happy birthday and all. But my family just wished me through the fambam group chat now 😦 It was such a different birthday. Nonetheless, it was amazing. Thank you to everyone who celebrated and wished me.

Adulting begins here ?



Amirul’s 21st Birthday.

I prepared myself for this since 2015 September. I saved money since then! Although I didn’t really have an idea of what I wanted to get him. The foot ball boots he wanted were sold out. The other thing he wanted was a laptop. Lol no. So I went back to basics, his favourite things. Other than watches, SHOES.

He’s a loafers guy. Said he’s size 8, got me confused because that’s so big, bigger than my brother’s feet. So then, I remembered this one time he slipped on my brother’s shoes and it fit him perfectly. So we settled that he’s my brother’s size. SO that caused me to drag my brother with me everywhere to find Amirul’s shoes. FYI, men’s shoes are just as complicated as women’s OK. Loafers, driving shoes, buckle???, dress shoes, boat shoes. Good god.

I also got him a “pre birthday present” (yes I’m that girlfriend). Just to get him excited for his birthday. I got him a new era SnapBack, personalised with him name. Black on black. It’s pretty cool, I love the cap myself.

(Creds to Iddin’s snapchat.)

I had to wrap the birthday present too, because ripping off a present is the best feeling ever! Mimi (Najmi) came over, to help me do that. We took hours. Even played with our scissors and tapes in the end. Had to have a break for an Adele kareoke session with Kakak. Trying to wrap a SnapBack with no box is hard okay.

I have to thank the men that are in my life, that have helped me made my man real happy and special on his birthday. #goodjobteam

Fast forward to yesterday 11/4/2016.

He loved his shoe. Thank god. And the shoe fits ! ALHAMDULILLAH. Worth it. And he loved his SnapBack.

ON TO THE FEAST. I told him to decide where to have lunch. And I’ll decide for dinner. He asked for Rakuzen. Which was delicious, and perfect for the starting feast. We ate so much, that we had a food coma just as soon as we reached home. Napped for like 10 minutes. Did some go pro tutorial and shiz. Hung out with my mom.

(After rakuzen we went to forever 21 OU just to take a picture there)


(Go pro tutorial)

Dinner was Bombay Palace ! This boy can swim in curry, so I thought Indian cuisine would be perfect. And it was. We were the youngest in the room, celebrating 21 like a stepping stone, a new era. I bet the rest were just looking at us – going “pfft.”

After that, we took the go pro for a test run at the parking lot over looking the KLCC. MY GOD WAS THAT BEAUTIFUL. It’s dodgy af tho, up there at night, all alone.  The city lights just lighted up the sky. We really do have a beautiful city, just need to appreciate it more.

Outdid myself this year. HOW NOW ? What do I do next year 🙆🏽