Back to school.. I mean uni 

You know the cliche “It seem like it was only yesterday..” Yea. Let’s begin with that. It seem like it was only yesterday that I finished A levels and celebrated the beginning (guys I struggled to spell beginning – I spelled with only 1 n, I need to go back to school) of my gap year. And tomorrow I’m about to go to induction day at my university.. wha-whaat (Central Intelligence reference Yeap I just watched it). It feels funny to even say that. UNI VER SI TY. I’ve been saying “college” even in college I said “school..” Now it’s University????

When my parents rented the place for me, my mom made her list of what to buy straight away. The extensive – bin, table fan, toaster, water cooler, bed sheet … etc. Being a girl, of course I’m gonna make that place as homey as possible. Usually boys would just come in with their clothes and toothbrush and they’ve “moved in.” But I believe this list was just how my mom deals with the whole situation. She keeps herself busy, she prepares for everything physically and suppress her emotions. Only when her friends came over and she mentioned about that I’m going to University, they said “how are you going to deal with that? She’s your entire life ? You quit your job for her ?” I FELT LIKE CRYING. She said “yeah.” Like it dawned on her. Her face changed. MAK IM COMING BACK EVERY WEEKEND I SWEAR.

I also watched Conjuring 2 with my sister in law over the weekend. Which does not help. The fact that I’m sleeping alone ? In a foreign room? In a foreign place ? She also gave all that advices on “get air Yasin, and read ayat Kursi..” IM LIKE STOP YOURE SCARING ME. Every time I close my eyes I imagine Valak. FML. My plan is to go out and tire myself out so much that I come home and not even an ounce of care if there’s valak in the room and collapse on the bed. I’m kidding, Valak pls don’t come.

*Sighs* New beginning huh? Gap year- checked. Best year of my life so far, grew up so much and experience so much. Forever grateful for the opportunities. I did everything I wanted on my list, travel, sleep, read, intern, do nothing. All checked. To a whole new chapter ! Man, I’m already exhausted thinking about my life next week.


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