Weddings weddings weddings. 

The day where lucky ones reunite with their soulmates yada.. Yada..  Also,  the time guests are struggling with blisters, tight dresses, and sweaty pits.

In Malaysian tradition, we have many steps to the Malaysian wedding. Merisik – Tunang – Nikah – Reception. I went for Intan’s brother’s (Rafique) Nikah at Masjid Wilayah. Which is now my favourite mosque btw. Passed by it so many times during my college days but never actually entered, and when I did I WAS BLOWN AWAY BY THE BEAUTY.

I was told to come in the colour grey to match in Intan’s family. And I only had 1 grey Baju kurung / kebaya thing I made when I was 16! I was suprise I still fit it, but proud Hahahhaha Ofcourse. Who wouldn’t be proud right???

The nikah went on smoothly and Kiki, Mimi and Chubby were all making themselves useful as dulang boys. It was cute. I am top 3 in Intan’s most important friends 💁🏽 (Kiki, Mimi, and I)


Knowing Intan will only be here for the week, busy with wedding preparation. We (Alia and I) volunteered to help out at the wedding! #teamgroom. Duties included making playlist, distributing door gift, fixing the guest list and seating arrangements. All that jazz. Alia and I just had the best laughs ever, way too used to working with each other. Our friendship grew deeper last night. We even wore red .. Not planned.

Once all the boys came, it was like a mini reunion for Sri Utama kids. These boys never fail to make me laugh, they’re the sweetest ever. Also , Mimi and Kiki… HAHAHAHA they didn’t go Sri Utama but it was as if we knew them forever.

(Mimi said “do a model pose”, here’s what I came up with)


Went on to the next morning (today), I JUST DIED. Was so exhausted from Intan’s event , I couldn’t even wake up for the nikah in the morning 😦 But I made it early to the reception. It’s always nice to see Aqmar, cuz DUH best friends since 0 years old. Even my mate from secondary came – turns out he’s the roommate of my cousin’s boyfriend in college. What a small world huh?



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