Melaka Road Trippin’


Amirul and I have been talking about going on a road trip for ages. But never had the reason to, or even the time. But when my mom suggested on bringing Ninnah to Melaka, she said “Why don’t you go with Amirul ?”  Morning at 10 am Amirul came by to pick us up. He met my mom and got the whole talk on, road safety and all that jazz. Which we both just nodded our heads to. Which then lead to “BYEEEE!” *rushes out the door*

First stop was breakfast! Amirul can’t function without breakfast, he needs his early morning meal. While I believe in the my first meal of the day is always breakfast whatever the time. He bought himself a plate of nasi goreng while, I had some roti bakar. Ninnah just drank teh tarik. I was pretty worried on how them two would get along, but Amirul just knows how to talk to anyone… So it wasn’t hard to leave them two alone. The car ride was just sharing music playlists – constant “Have you heard of this???” I just sat there and listened to them ramble on about Drake, Watsky, and PARTYNEXTDOOR. I barely listen to music, other than the classics, radio and wtv Amirul puts on in the car. Ninnah slept most of the trip, while Amirul and I navigated our way.

At one point the fuel metre  was blinking E and we missed our exit!!! Can you imagine how stressed we were? Missing our exit, on a highway, no near u-turns, no clue where the petrol station was. I was literally holding my breath as we did a massive u-turn, and Ninnah just continued sleeping peacefully Zzzz. The moment we reached the petrol station, I was so relieved. And Ninnah woke up, ” ohh nothing’s up, go back to sleep…”

We reached our first destination in Melaka – Freeport A’famosa outlet! Ninnah wanted to do some shopping, and Amirul has never been. I went in with no intention of spending  any money. But came out with that Orange Nike bag… I need to rethink my life decisions. That purchase left me in a financial crisis. BUT I NEEDED THE SHOES, AND I WANTED ONE FOR SO LONG. Anyways, Ninnah left with some cutesy accessories and staples from Cotton On, and Amirul left with me in his arms crying about being broke. Lucky guy.

Then, we headed on to Jonker Street. The main attraction of Melaka, no? Well at night, but I had a curfew.. so Jonker during the daytime it is ! There were cute small shops with little knickknacks and also, shops with Gap Year Bottoms as Ninnah calls em. Because everyone comes back from a Gap Year with these shorts, and its the Thailand elephant shorts. She bought a few of those. Amirul just followed us into every shop, while he walks his Pokemon eggs and catches all these Pokemons at Jonker. Also took cute pictures with some of the buildings. All that historic stuff..

We also ate at a cute ass cafe at Jonker. Delicious food btw, also reasonable price. The whole interior was so coooooooool. It had the eccentric original (I assume) structure of the building. It had a whole wall decorated  with old chipped plates and at the staircase, they had small vintage sewing machine. Haihh I love cafe interiors like this. Reminded me a bit like Merchant’s Lane Cafe decor.

Ninnah also wanted to go to the beach, because Malaysia = beaches. PEOPLE ASSUME. But all the nice beaches are so far away from KL, so I brought her to Klebang… Lol. It was so dead because it rained. Amirul literally drove slowly by the beach and said “this is it…”. It was grey, and gloomy. It was basically like 8 AM London, beach form. Optimistic Ninnah wanted to wait for the rain to stop, but it never did. Upside to that, I caught myself a Seel !!! ITS SO CUTE.

After all that, we headed home before Amirul got too tired. He slept at 3am the night before.. so yeah. I didn’t want to take the wheel, if I took the wheel we wouldn’t reach home till the next day (that’s just how slow I drive). He’s the sweetest for driving us. It only took us 1hr and a half to get back, wasn’t much of a road trip.  But definitely a start for more adventures! ❤



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