(Continue – exploring Malaysia)

My dad always suggest me to bring my friends to Putrajaya for sight seeing because of the mosques there. There are 2 main ones – Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Mosque (Iron Mosque) and the Putra Mosque. Also, Putrajaya is just a whole different side of Malaysia that Ninnah has to see. It’s so organised and the buildings there are amazing.

Mimi followed us as well, because he had nothing else to do with his day. My dad decided to pick him up while we were running errands near his place. I called to wake him up at 1, and then we were already on the way to his house waiting in front. He was cursing at me on the phone saying “I ONLY HAVE 10 MINUTES WTF ALINA”. Only a few minutes of waiting he ran over to the car with his jubah and we were all just laughing.  All of us were Wearing jubah, Ninnah, Mimi and I.

There’s some sort of calmness that being in a mosque provides. The presence of God was felt as we stepped foot in the mosque. The walls and ceiling uniquely designed with intricate details. I even matched with them, pink on pink. Even the right shade of pink. I am jealous of those who gets to pray here daily.

At the Iron Mosque, there were the names of Allah carved at the sides of the walls of the entrance. I was in awe. Everything was designed so flawlessly. Also, I thought having a mosque made out of iron would be hot and humid.. yknow science or wtv. BUT ACTUALLY, they designed the mosque in such a way that wind comes in and all that jazz. My dad told me… long lecture but that was the gist of it.

Why have I lived here for many years, and never been here ? Never prayed here ? So Ignorant of me. Why go far away to see beautiful mosques, when it’s just a highway away Alina????? People kept snapping me asking where I was – guesses include Singapore, somewhere in the Middle East, even Dubai ! But nope, just good old Malaysia. There are so many places in Malaysia I have yet to discover, but for now I would definitely recommend tourist to explore the mosques in Putrajaya.

Later that night, we planned on to go see the fireworks for merdeka. Dinner then fireworks. But plans got changed, because to find a parking in Bangsar is nearly impossible. It took us hours, and constant rounds. We ended up just hanging out at Bangsar instead once we got the parking. Ninnah was teaching Mimi all the London slang, and in exchange we taught her some Malay slangs. It was pretty funny to hear her say “Poyo ah”. Ended up being a good night anyways.


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