Exploring Malaysia

1. Menara Kuala Lumpur (KL Tower)

I wanted to show Ninnah the best of Malaysia. The amazing developing city, the city lights, the concrete jungle I call home. What better way than to go high up and see it all ? I saw it on Instagram – the sky deck at KL Tower. Where you get to go stand on a glass box overlooking the city, it looked crazy cool I wanted to give it a try. I bought the tickets online for a Monday entry. 

ON MONDAY, WEATHER REPORT: HAZE. The haze was mad. You literally can’t even see the Twin Towers from AKLEH. That’s how bad it was. Out of allllllll days, haze gave us a visit on Monday. Even, when we entered the guy at the till suggested us to come another day. But my ticket was only for Monday, I can’t exchange or refund. Might as well get on with it. Just make the best out of it. 


Our package had passes to the upside down house too, which was our first stop before we go up. I’ve always wanted to go to the one in Melaka, but never has the chance. When we first entered, it was so weird ???? It takes a lot of imagination to know how to pose for the pictures. Ninnah and I struggled really bad. We did manage to get some good pictures tho. After all the practice.


Next stop, the SKY DECK. When we first got up and went outside, we couldn’t see anything. It was just grey. I was optimistic, I kept saying “maybe at night it’ll be better. With the lights ?” I WAS TRYING. Trying to make my money’s worth. 


I was right. Look how beautiful Kuala Lumpur is, I’ve always loved the city lights. #blessed And it was amazing to see it up high. Happy Independence Day Malaysia 💖


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