Guess who’s back!

Ninnah Musa Morgaaaaaaaaaan. She was my best friend when I was in St Marylebone. ❤️ She’s half malaysian, half British. And she’s back for a summer holiday – after years of saying “I think I’m gonna come back. I think I’m coming back this year.”

When she told me she was coming back, I didn’t really have my hopes up. But when she said “my flight is on Monday” I SCREAMED. HAHAHAH I told my mom “ninnah’s coming back” she’s like “oh okay”. I said “on Monday” my mom’s face so surprised “REALLY?”
Yeap. Now she’s here. On the first day of meeting her, I picked her up with my mom. And I asked Alia to bring us out, to Yellow Brick Road for some pancakes! Ninnah and Alia hit it off real well. It wasn’t awkward or uncomfortable. Alia’s good with meeting people Anyways. Ninnah was googling touristy places to go and she found a temple nearby – Thean Hou Temple. When she said “can we go here? Have you ever been here ?” Both me and Alia just looked at each other, and shook our head. We’re such bad Malaysians.
Alia wazed the way to the temple. When we first saw the temple, both Alia and I went “whoaaaaaaaaaaaa!” We didn’t know such thing existed in Malaysia. It was such a beautiful temple. I felt like I was in China for a moment.

We took pictures like tourists. Rotating between each other for individual pictures and a paired picture. It was really funny, how Alia and Ninnah just automatically know their angles and their poses. I just stand infront of the camera awkwardly. I’ve never been comfortable to just pose, I always end up laughing.

So ignorant of us. -as a malaysian with all the different culture and races. We should take advantage of it and learn more about each other’s culture. We should appreciate the diversity, and how it can open up wider scope of knowledge on different cultures. Especially when the Chinese and Indians in Malaysia know so much about Malays and our culture. But it’s so ignorant of us to not know much about them. They know Haram and Halal food. Some even know our prayer times. It was such a humbling, I should definitely learn more about the other cultures. And this was definitely a start.


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