Pokemon Go, the news of the month. It just recently launched in Malaysia, and the downloads went crazy! I downloaded it after Amirul randomly saying “I GOT CHARMANDER!!!” I was confused what he was saying at first, then I remembered. My sister downloaded in the middle of grocery shopping and caught a Bulbasaur in the frozen food area.  

I made mine and got Charmandar as my first Pokemon. Ever since then, I’ve been putting on my GPS everyday wherever I’m at. Even went out with Amirul for a Pokemon Hunt. 2 times in a week. First was at Sunway Pyramid. That’s where we caught our Pikachu ! I was literally in line ordering for the Hokiado Cheese Tart, and then when I was about to pay a Pikachu popped up on my screen. Amirul literally went all “WEH WEH WEH PIKACHU!!!” And I actually went to the guy at the till and said “Jap jap, pikachu ! Pikachu!” HAHAHAH. Leaving my cousin to pay and take the food as I was trying to catch Pikachu.

We also went to Pavillion and walked all the way to KLCC on the second Pokemon hunt. Yup, the effort. Just that day itself I walked so much that I hatched 3 of my eggs. The mission of that day was for me to find a Snorlax. I even downloaded an app to help me find one – A Pokemon Go Radar. 

I wanted a Snorlax since the beginning, it was when I saw someone left one at the Gym. I WAS AMAZED. I wanted one so bad. Can you imagine one night I was skyping with Amirul and I read through Snorlax Wikipedia and I cried. IT WAS JUST SO FAT AND CUTE. All it does is sleep, and the only time it wakes up is to eat. LIKE HOW DAMN ADORABLE?!! So out of my 3 eggs on the day of the Pokemon hunt, one was a 10km egg. My first and only one. When I was walking and my screen went “oh?” (I love that it does that it’s so cute) the egg hatched, into a…. You guessed it – SNORLAX!!! I screamed right in the middle of Pavi, with Amirul. Dancing and jumping. After that, the whole day I sang I got a Snorlax, yes I do. I got a Snorlax what about you ? Amirul would just reply, no I don’t. Hahahaha. But he was really happy for me.

 After catching Snorlax I’ve been ngehhhh bout catching anymore Pokemons. I do play still. But I just focus on my Snorlax. Used most of my Stardust to power it up. Because when I power up my baby, it jumps and then jiggles. Haihhhh I’m so happy. But I saw my sister caught a Lickitung ! It’s so funny looking I want it. Till my next Pokemon Go update, gotta catch them all! 


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