Slumber Party

A few nights ago I had the ALevels fambam come over to have a slumber party. After college ended, we rarely met up as a massive group. It was always a struggle for me personally because I live so far away from them. So I usually just meet Sabsab because Amirul gets along really well with her so it’s just us three. Whenever I wanna meet the whole gang, I always bring them to me. And this time bring them over for a sleepover !

I was really worried on where to fit 4 other people in my house. My room is tiny and I only have a single bed. Sabsab suggested we sleep infront of the telly. Which was a great idea, more space and a big telly to keep us entertained at night. They all came over really late night, every one was busy during the day. Sophia and Sabsab came first at 1030pm. Sophia coming out with a suit case … Yeap. That’s right. She brought a suit case for one night of sleep over. It was pretty funny. While Sabsab just brought her kanken school bag. There are two kinds of people. Steph and Aini came over after. Entering the house with hugs and “YOU LIVE THIS FAR AWAY FROM COLLEGE???” I promise it only takes 20 minutes ok with no traffic. 

As a host I was worried about keeping them entertained and comfortable. But once it was a full house, I didn’t even have to think about what to do or plan anything because everyone was just catching up. We do this every half a year I think, meeting up all of us. Hahahah so imagine all the stories !

Aini went Korea, Sabsab went Japan, Steph went Korea, I went Austrailia/Thailand, Soph just went all over the world. So all of us just sat around the kitchen island and just caught up. With snacks and candies in the middle, and everyone with their own ramen bowl.

I love how we can just sit there and just talk for hours and hours. Everyone’s story was just HILLARIOUS. Aini wanted to watch a new movie her sister recommended – Mustang. It was a Turkish movie about 5 orphaned girls rebeling against the system. It was an eye opening movie, nothing I would randomly watch alone. But I’m glad she suggested it. We ended up sleeping at 4am that night.

The next morning, everyone got up after Sophia’s alarm went off a gazillion time ! I got up and straight away made pancakes (my mom made the batter I just fried it). I made one for everyone, and we were trying to plan what to eat for lunch. Mmhm. Being malaysian you should always plan lunch during breakfast, and dinner during lunch.  Then, Sabsab was telling the story on how she was sleeping and in the middle of the night she felt something really heavy on top of her. She was terrified that she was getting hempap by a ghost. She opened her eyes only to find out it was ED (my cat) on top of her. Steph also got scratches by Jack (my other cat). If you’re not a cat person, I don’t know how you would deal with sleeping over.

We were all getting ready, in order of Who wears make up showers first. So it was me, Sabsab, Sophia, Aini, Steph. All in the order of the amount of make up they wear hahah. From full face to liptint only.

And I tried Sabsab’s champange pop and died. I put it on myself and looked like a “glazed donut” said Steph. Hahahah. Just like Krispy Kreme’s number one seller. Everyone was all ready, and I took some pictures with them to finally have them on my wall.

I personally love that picture of Aini (top left), it looks like it came out straight from Urban Outfitter’s Instagram. She looks like she came out straight from Urban Outfitter’s Instagram.


I’m gonna print these into poloroids when I get my films. But we rarely take pictures as a group. (Missing Jam Jam) but these are as good as they’re gonna get.

I drove them over to Tim’s and we had lunch. Talked about how Aini and Steph are leaving soon. Im kinda sad, everyone’s leaving. 😭 they’re leaving end of September and I’m starting then too. I’ll have Sabsab and Soph

The struggle was real trying to fit everyone in one frame.

After lunch, we went to watch Nerve at KLCC and measured how tall Dave Franco would be beside us. Hmm quite tall- 170cm. After that we all parted ways and thus end the slumber party. It was a really good one. Much needed girl time to keep me sane. Much needed gossip, and stories.

I thought August would be empty, but nope. Ninnah (best friend from the UK) is coming back this Monday ! And Intan is too soon! So can’t wait.


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