Chiang Mai trip 

Here’s the Vlog, I made for Chiang Mai. It took ages because I had to wait for my laptop, and I also had to learn the updated iMovie ! Gosh.

We stayed at the Cozy Inn, Chiang Mai for 3 days and 2 nights. On the first day, we hired the driver that was from the Airport calling “Kid”. Cute right? hahah. He took us to the Tiger Kingdom and Elephant Sanctuary (which was what I was most excited about).

On day 2, we found a tour guide/driver at one of the temples and he took us around to all the temples and all the factories – from silk, to cashmere, to leather, and silver and gold. It was all really interesting to see.

3rd day spent at the airport waiting for our flight, which was delayed for 2 hours. LIFE.

This video was just compiled to capture the memories we made there, it’s nothing professional really. But do enjoy ! x

Song – Lovely Cup by Grouplove
Filmed by iPhone 5S



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