You can say I’m a soppy person. Definitely a soppy person – Overemotional could be a word to define me. I believe I learnt it from my sister.

 I can’t forget the time during raya, when we were all in our Baju kurung and eating kuih raya watching VMAs (YEARS AGO). Beyonce was performing, and then when she finished she drops her microphone and opens the button of her suit and rubs her baby bump. (Iconic moment I’m sure you guys know what I’m talking about.) My sister jumped out her seat and screamed and turned tomato red ! And bawled out in tears. I was like wtheck ??? I’ll never forget that event. That could be the most emotional my sister has been ever in her lifetime over such a little thing. She cried happy tears for Beyonce as if Queen B was her BESTFRIEND ! 

But now. I’m just like that. Ok, maybe not that level yet. But I cry, a lot. Not because of my problems or anything. But little things like that. I cry watching movies, and I’m not even ashamed of it anymore. I no longer hide it. *sobs and blows nose loudly in the cinema* I’m that girl. Don’t ever mention to Amirul the time he went to watch Love, Rosie with me. He asked me if I was okay so many times because of how much I was crying. Poor boy looked frightened. After that we never went to watch romantic movies in the cinema ever again. I learnt to watch it by myself, at home. ME BEFORE YOU I’M COMING FOR YOU. 

So, when Amirul bought me the book Soppy. (Which has been on my list for so damn long because it was out of stock in Kinokuniya for so long!) I cried.

 I literally screamed when I got the message. It was so unexpected. He told me he was going to go to the bank with Pizzo, I didn’t know the bank was near KLCC and I didn’t even think of him buying it for me. But man. Idk why but when he gives me books for some reason I cry… 

Basically, I do this thing where I actually send him emails and write him letters. When I want to remember a date or when I want to explain myself or what I’m feeling. One time, I sent him the comic strips from Soppy which I found on tumblr. Lots of it. And all I said was how cute is this. Then months later, I found out what book it was and told him about it. Didn’t expect him to get it for me.  #howdidigetsoblessed


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