Decluttering my past. 

I had to send my laptop to the service centre today. My laptop was having these glitches of “Finder unexpectedly quit because bla bla, do you want to re open.” And I can’t click on anything and everything just crashes. So there was no way I could google my way in fixing it. I was all ready, telling Amirul “do you think my duit raya would be enough????” He’s like “can kut.” So I was counting all my money and I was so worried. Then, I checked my apple care, AND THANK THE LORD I STILL HAVE APPLE CARE!!!! It’s still valid till the end of the year. My dad bought 2+1 years thing, because he knows how I am with everything. My name should be Sir Breaksalot. I was saying Alhamdulillah so many times. Then Amirul goes, “actually Kan, Tadi you Tanya duit raya you cukup Ke Tak. Tak cukup tau. It’s ok to say now because you have apple care and it’s free now.” -___- 
But after sending my baby to the hospital, the technician guy said “10-14days”. My face was like that anime cartoon with that opened wide mouth and tear dropped at the forehead – “LAMANYA?!” He’s like “yeah, maybe earlier but most probably that long.” It was some OS corrupted, he said it could be something I downloaded. Last thing I downloaded was Me Before You. It only downloaded 1%! 😭 I’m never watching it, am I??

 So I was thinking, I can live without it. I have my phone for social medias, I have my Apple TV for YouTube and for Netflix (thank god for Jermaine). So I can survive. Theeeeen, after the long day, I came home. Usually the first thing I do is turn on my laptop to charge my phone or back up my pictures of the day or something – and I had a mini heart attack thinking my laptop is missing. And I realised and remembered. Now I’m struck dumb. I might actually have to read a book to fall asleep? Not my usual routine of watching New Girl. 😦 now what? I had so much time. I just laid in bed with total deafening silence. It was uncomfortable. I thought, this would be a great time to read all the books I haven’t read, or clean up my closet. Yknow do productive things. But I was dying in the dark and silent room. I told amirul, and he’s trying to find a solution. That’s what he does, I have problem after problem after problem. He gives me the solutions. He’s so handy sometimes. *heart eyes* 

Amirul even told me to ask for back up and he can pay for our dates and meals to cover my fooooood spendigsssss. *CRIES* but no, BACK UP FOR RM200?! Nope. I just sent my laptop and most probably all my things are gonna be gone. SWEEPED CLEAN!  But it’s okay, after 20 years, I’ve learnt that it’s okay to let things go. It’s okay to just delete the past because quite frankly I don’t remember lots of things in that iphoto dump and lately I’m just not sentimental anymore. I decluttered my room, now I declutter my laptop/past. 



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