Iftar with Efektif ’13

I rarely go out for buka in general, reasons being.. 1. I like eating at the comfort of my own home. 2. I don’t like rushing to go pray. 3. I don’t want to miss terawih prayers.
But this was an exception. This group of people meet up almost every month and every eid. And I never go.. Because I was always the awkward one that came late in Form 4 while everyone has already formed their groups and cliques and there’s me. Zzzz.
This time, I just decided “why not?” The place where they planned to eat at was near my place that I could just drive there, and the food I know would be delicious because Parsley and Vanilla’s food is just oh so gooooood anyways. No reason not to go.

This was the big lot. Yeap. This is how you do a reunion.
When I came in, it was super awkward and the only familiar face that I’ve seen after graduation was Iman.

Then all the boys came in, and I found my old patients. I used to be Dr Phil in class where boys would tell me about their girlfriend troubles, I’d listen and advise. I doubt my advices were any good but I listened well. 🙋🏽
One of them. Who in this small world knows my cousin too, is Huzzammil. We kept in touch after SPM

Then, Syed and Ikhmal. Syed who lives under a rock doesn’t even have Instagram, was my best friend who would go all the way down to the canteen to buy me my nuggets and fried chicken. They’re always arguing and telling me the brutal truth about boys and how they think. Surprisingly correct 99% of the time, until I met Amirul who is the small 1% that defies the stereotype.

This is Syed Ridhwan (now known as Wan). Who rarely makes it to these reunion but came on the right one.

And this is Ikhmal Danial. Arguing with me bout his “good side”, which is my good side. I won. Duh.

There are those who changed. Like Ali. And also those who didn’t change one bit, like Megat. (I lost their pictures!)
Here’s one with Aireen and Syaz and Iman and Amey.

We wish you all Selamat Hari Raya ! (You can see in the video how slow I am)

That’s it of my Ramadhan updates. Thank you for reading ! Ramadhan Kareem

P/S: don’t you think my fringe/bangs/side bang/short hair infront of my face hiding my massive forehead makes me look super innocent ? Idek who took this picture but I look like I’m getting scolded.


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