Adulting my bedroom.

My room has been blue and pink since we’ve moved in (after renovated). My mom designed it for 14 year old me. Nothing like I asked tho. When we were designing I asked her for a light blue room with white furnitures. Everytime I told her she would nod away, saying “Caaaan.” Then, when I got my room, it was ebony furnitures and pink and blue walls. I was so confused. Then, I saw my sister’s room and it was exactly what I wanted. Light blue walls with white furnitures. 💔 My mom said what I wanted didn’t suit my age. 

 Now, I’m turning 20. I get to redecorate – ‘Adult’ it. I wanted some change and decided to repaint it. I did a lot of research on colours to match my wardrobe and my bed. Obviously my ‘research’ was just Pinterest on ideas for colour combination. And I came across this picture. 

We went to the paint shop, got supplies and the closest match to the colours in the pictures. The three colour from left to right is the combination I was aiming for. The dark brown matched my wardrobe, and then the pink not pink colour for my feature wall, and the light grey thing for the rest of my walls. The colours I got are somewhat the same. Hahah. 

Timeless and Old Fresco from Jotun. 

My room had a lot of patches of paint, because it leaked once. And also, my room was invaded by termite. RIP books. My Harry Potter collection and also the Series of Unfortunate Events, were in pieces. 

That’s the pink and blue I was talking about, and the patches. Look at that mess. I was spraying the termite poison on my wall for double protection thing. I had to crack the walls to see the trails, and spray them dead. 

I used cement to fill up the cracks in the wall. Then I had to sand it. 

If I knew I had to do this many steps, I would just go “it’s okay, I can redecorate when I have money to pay someone to do it for me.” Then, I had to tape all the edges of the furniture and the door so when I paint it won’t go on it.

Then paint the edges. 

And paint the rest. Which, I haven’t even finished yet until now. It’s been 3 weeks. I had to stop because I was interning, then puasa. All that jazz. But now I’m finishing up. Will post the update ☺️ 

BYE. thank you for reading. Xx


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