What I didn’t tell you about my trip

I didn’t even tell my parents this. HAHAH

Basically, we had to fly from Melbourne to Sydney. We woke up at 6 am just for the journey to the airport because Great Ocean Road was quite far from the airport, the estimated journey was 2 hours. The thing about Aussie is that you can’t speed your way through to reach your destination. Their laws on the road are so strict, even the sign boards are so straight forward like “drink, drive, die” “fasten your seatbelt or suffer the pain.”. It guilt tripped Hong from driving fast. Especially the fact that we already got a fine to pay for the parking in Melbourne.

Everyone else slept in the car supposedly to take turns to accompany Hong but only I stayed awake, and the journey took longer than we anticipated. We did not stop other than to refill the tank. So Debbie and Hong dropped us off at the airport to check in our bag (WHICH BY THAT TIME CLOSES IN 25 MINUTES), while they send the rented car. We were dropped off all the waaaaay other end of the airport, so we ran! We ran all the way dragging our bags and we made it right on time to check in our bags!

So we went right inside to our terminals, and had some mcdonalds for breakfast. While we were ordering, we called Hong. And he didn’t answer. We called Debbie, she didn’t answer. None of them answered after 10-20 calls. Until, Debbie called us back. She told us that Hong left his phone in the car and he’s running to go get it, while Debbie was alone at the airport with the bags. Intan went out to go see her, while Esther and I waited at McDonalds to update them with the status of our gate. We were sooooooooo chilled, Esther and I. We just sat there, and I bought some tea to wake me up. And Intan called to ask us, if the gate is open and if people are boarding. When Esther and I were about to walk to the gate, “Ms Ahman (typo in my ticket) Nazri, Mr Zan Hong, Ms Fan Wei Ru, Ms Deborah Lee, Ms Nur Intan.” echoed through the airport from the speaker. NEVER HAS MY NAMED BEEN CALLED THROUGH THE AIRPORT SPEAKERS. We walked to the gate, and called Intan informing her that everyone has boarded the plane, except for us.

We tried delaying by just hovering in front of the gate. And once again, our names were called through the speakers “This is the last call for…”. Intan, called to tell us to board the plane first and they’ll come later. So we went inside, still confident that they’ll make it. Waiting and waiting in the flight, chilled. Then they started to close the doors of the plane. THATS WHEN I PANICKED. I looked to Esther who was several seats in front of me, and she mimed that Intan, Hong and Debbie are not going to make it on to this flight but will go on the next. We were NOT prepared for this, didn’t even discuss the  possibility of such scenario happening.


Esther called Debbie asking what to do with me, since she has to go on a bus to Canberra in an hour because they have exams the next day. Debbie gave me 2 options, either wait for her and Hong at the airport, or go to the hostel myself and rest there. Their flight was going to be at night, while it was still morning when I reached the airport. So to wait would waste a whole day in Sydney being by myself at the airport. Since I didn’t want to be alone at an airport with two massive luggages, (Imagine the struggle to go pee) I decided it was best to go to the hostel myself.

I bought myself a sim card, so I would have internet to guide myself there incase the taxi doesn’t know and also to keep myself company. Having a well functioning  and equipped with adequate internet keeps me feeling safe and sane. Then, Esther had to catch her bus, so she called my taxi and sent me off. At this time, I didn’t even feel anything. Other than thinking “this is like the start of a Taken movie.” The amount of times I recited the ayat kursi in the taxi was unreal. I WAS IN ANOTHER CITY ACROSS AN OCEAN FROM HOME, ALLLLLLL BY MYSELF. I didn’t even look out the window or anything, just kept my eye on the metre – thinking “man I have to pay this alone! No splitting with anyone else.”  I had a kind Russian old old OLD man sending me right infront of the Eva’s backpacker. I assured myself I could out run him if anything happens. HAHAHA.  The Eva’s Backpacker Hostel looked nice, some sort of comforting homey feel. I walked in, never checked in by myself for myself before. I stood infront of the counter, blur af. I called Intan, asking her what to do. And the counter guy was so young, around my age and he couldn’t be bothered with me, finishing off the briefing with “I’m sorry man, I’m not supposed to be working right now. I can’t be bothered right now. Room on the 3rd floor, door right there.” As he points at the staircase.

3RD FLOOR? NO  LIFT? I HAVE TWO LUGGAGE BAGS! HOW DO I BRING IT UP. I was still on the phone with Intan, complaining as I dragged my bags up 6 flights. One bag at a time, screaming “INTAN WTF! THIS IS MY WORKOUT OF THE YEAR! HE DIDN’T EVEN HELP ME!!!” “PUKIMAK MAT SALLEH!” Furious, as you can imagine.. I reached the floor and it was like a dorm room. A corridor of rooms, with half naked boys with their towel walking down the hall. I’ve never stayed in a dorm room before, and that was as close as it was going to get. Our bedroom had 1 bunk bed, and 1 single bed and there were 3 bathrooms, infront of our bed room. We had to share the bathrooms?! I’ve never felt more like a spoilt rotten brat. I didn’t know how hostels were, we stayed at an air bnb in Melbourne. But this wasn’t as bad from what I see in the movies, and for the price. It was a good one.

Got into bed, and crashed to sleep. Debbie and Hong came back at 8pm, and I was so hungry we straight away went to eat – N2 ice cream and Sushi on Stanley!! Thank god I just stayed in the room, because that night at around 10 pm everyone was drunk! There were homeless people cursing at the wind, and random people screaming “woo hoo!”

That’s my story on my flight to Sydney – 19, ALL ALONE, in a FOREIGN CITY.

All the ayat kursi I recited kept me safe. Alhamdulillah.


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