Travelling alone at 19.

“What if I don’t get to the right gate and fly off to another country?”
“What if  I get lost at the airport?”
“What if I get stopped by the guards?”
“What if I miss my flight?”
“What if I lost my passport?”

All these what ifs crossed my mind a million times when I was preparing myself for my trip to Australia. Having no one to rely on, other than myself – that was my biggest fear. I was supposed to go on this trip with Alia, but she couldn’t because of her exams. I was still determined to visit Intan and Debbie. I promised, and I kept my promise.

Planning was difficult with the distance. We just made a whatsapp group, and sent links after links, voting on which accommodation and which touristy thing to do. We skyped sometimes, to plan the itinerary.  Perks of having your best friend as a future accountant – she’ll make a spread sheet to keep track of your budget. Even when I was there, I wrote down everything I bought and how much it was.

I went to Aussie when I was a kid, so everything was blurry. Plus I only went to Canberra and Sydney and I only remember seeing the Sydney Opera House, and that’s it. This trip is a different story. Way different. It’s to Melbourne and Sydney, and it’s travelling with friends. We don’t have that parents’ unlimited money privilege. The whole trip was student budget. But food, was an exception.

Let’s start with Melbourne. The moment I stepped out of the airport, it was different. There was something about Melbourne; it was like a mesh between London, and America. The weather, although supposed to be Autumn was a nice breeze of 21 degrees daily. We straight away went to Flinders Station to drop our luggage off at the locker, and I was on a 1 hr nap battery life. I had to wash my face at the station’s toilet. Which was a first. The whole trip was pushing me to step out of my comfort zone. I learnt more about myself in this 10 day trip than in 10 years of my life.

Anyways, I loved loved loved Melbourne. It had everything I loved about life. From music, to art, to fashion, to food ! Gosh, the food. THE FOOD. It was amazing, and this came from the girl who only had seafood and veggies as her option. The food was different, it was like nothing like I’ve ever tried before. They combined all kinds of flavours, and variety of culture as inspiration. They even have rendang and laksa in their menu. The whole city is very asian influenced, which was different for me to see.

The art. The buildings mixed from old to new but the blend is so subtle, you don’t even notice the glass building being next to the crooked red bricked apartment. The street art, and graffiti was everywhere !  I was so excited for it when I was googling about Melbourne. And it did not disappoint. Even though it smells like pee in the alley, and cigarettes in the corners. There was a guy singing on Hosier Lane. So sedappppp. The music, wooed me. There were street performers everywhere, ranging from jazz to violin to didgeridoo. Their music swayed the city. To sum up, Melbourne was like a big Camden. Only safer, and not much punk rock people around.

But here’s a video of Melbourne for you.

Sydney however..

Its totally different. TOTALLY DIFFERENT. It’s more concrete jungle. Busy city people with their grey suits. Not that much art. Not that much music. Not that much food. Except of Sushi on Stanley ! Which was so delicious we went there twice in a row. But there’s more things to do in Sydney. The ZOO WAS SPECTACULAR. It was so big, and the animals are so well kept. You can tell they prioritised the animals which was lovely. The seal show was my favourite. And Blue mountains.. trees after trees after trees. Nature is not my thing.

We stayed behind the red light district, which was interesting. We would have to pass by all these strip clubs and adult toy shops just to get back to our place. McDonalds is right next to the strip club, where the bouncer asked us to come inside and we awkwardly point at Maccy D’s. And something about Australians. The typical “hey, hows it going?” question would pop up every time you’re at the till, and I automatically reply “fine, you?” (AS YOU DO IN LONDON) but they reply honestly. LIKE WHAT. They would actually go “oh I’m tired actually, long day. gotta go home later, exhausted..” I stood there dumbfounded. I thought it was a universal unwritten law where a stranger greets you “hey how are you?” the answer is always “fine. thank you , you?” #onlyinaustralia

All in all it was a great trip, with my best friends. I still can’t believe they’re there and I’m here. I wish I was there, ( no, not adelaide or canberra. Melbourne).

p/s: pictures will be up in another post.







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