My new year’s resolution (2016)

I’ve never been one to make this yearly promise because I can’t even keep up with monthly promises. Also, it was instilled in me since the start of secondary school that “everyday is a new day. You can start fresh the next day, don’t wait for the next year.” I used to hear this countless of times during assembly. But this year, I’ll make this promise public so I’ll keep to it. Or Atleast have friends to remind me of it. No it’s not the “I wanna lose weight” kind of new year’s resolution; though I do want to lose weight haha.

My new year’s resolution is to give more. I was telling Amirul the other day that I used to donate so much to charity when I was in the UK. From either buying books from Oxfam, or giving change to the guy sitting in front of tesco, to school competitions. This is where each house of the school would collect money for a specific charity to donate to, it ranged from Breast Cancer Care, to the Great Ormond Street Hospital. We would raise up to thousands. It felt amazing to be so selfless.

Now in Malaysia, I rarely donate anymore. I’ve donated my clothes, and I’m donating my books (it’s on my carousel – sellmysh1t). But I want to give more. So here’s what I’ll do.

1. Always have change in my wallet. To give those asking for donation at the Mamak or Pasar Malam. It doesn’t matter if the pak cik is not actually blind or they faked a broken leg. My father has always said “the hand of the one giving, is always better than those of receiving. And it doesn’t matter what they do with the money, you’ve done your part of giving. Just trust.”

2. Find an orphanage or charity centre and gives more of my clothes and books away too.

3. When I see the tweets of those asking for financial help. I’ll bank in any amount of donation I can.

4. Buy some telekung and donate it to a surau at the mall or petrol station.

I want to do some volunteer work. I’ve been following @YouthMalaysia for so long now to keep up to date for any volunteer work I can do, but I’m so scared to go alone. ANYONE WANNA GO WITH ME????

Anne Frank

Insya Allah, I’ll try my best to keep to my words.


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