18 things I’ve learned while I was 18.

1. Salad ain’t bad. 
I hated veggies because it was always so tasteless. BUT ITS ALL IN THE DRESSING PEOPLE. Although, I always cheat. Like I love the crispy calamari salad at Jibby and Co. ((pair something healthy with something unhealthy to get that “balanced diet”))

2. (MY) Parents are selfless.
I guess I never noticed this when I was younger, but my parents live for us, (my sister, my brother and I). My dad goes to work all the way to PUTRAJAYA (we live in Melawati btw) every 7 am in the morning Monday to Friday. Just so he won’t be late for work, he leaves early to nap at the rest area. Not to mention the weekends that he has spent away in airports, and foreign hotel rooms. Just to earn money, that will be spent on his FAMILY/US. My mom wakes up at 5 am in the morning everyday to make us breakfast. She has maintained such a comfortable space for us. She picks me up from college everyday. I can’t list down everything, then it would never end. But yes, I have learned that my parents are selfless. And who am I to be selfish complaining about a chore that they ask me to do?

3. Live life if so your purpose is to make your parents proud.
When you live your life this way, everything you do will be for the good. Every task will be blessed, and they will be so much easier to do.

4. “You do you booboo, you do you.”
I’ve learnt that not everyone is the same, not everyone will have the same values as you. Or interests. But all you gotta do is accept it. Doesn’t mean you have to like it, but accept that they are who they are and there are reasons for such a character. The WHY’s of someone is always the most interesting.

5. Date the nice guy.
Just like every other girl, I’ve always had that craving for a bad boy in my life. I guess it’s how movies romanticise bad boys, and us girls like ourselves a project yknow. (“I can change him!) But no, “you can’t change the basic nature of other people”. Instead, date the guy you see your ‘project result’ to be. It saves so much time. They’re also so lovely. Yes tumblr, makes heart breaks so beautiful. But sometimes you can love so much that you heart breaks, thats beautiful too.

ALevels should be enough of an explanation. That’s all I did while I was 18, prepared myself for an exam. I learnt that if you give it your best, you will get the best result.

7. Think before you speak.
My Law class includes a whole load of discussion. Our first class question was “should abortion be legalised?” My lecturer would put each of us on the spot, and we would have to answer whatever question she swings at us. When she turns her head to me and calls out “Alina?” MY MIND WOULD JUST GO BLANK. And I would blurt out all these things that doesn’t even make sense. And she would always rub the sides of temples of her head, and says “think Alina think.” With that, she has taught me to think faster, and the ability to only speak when it is worth speaking.

8. Splurge on your food once a week. (nothing less)
That pancake you wanted ? spoil yourself. Go for it. That expensive seafood pasta from that fancy restaurant you crave for so much? It’s only a once a week thing, it’s not that bad. Your body needs the lovin’.

9. Friends come and go
There is no obligation to stay in contact with your high school friends. Not every single one of them. People come and go and as you grow as a person, you will change and your friend/s will to. You’ll come to realise the only thing you had in common was that school you both attended. And it is okay.

10. You do not need that dress you had since you were 15 (which you only wore a couple of times)
Sell your clothes. Give them away to charity. Trash them. The more you let go, the more space there is for new clothes.

11. Go back to basics.
After being in college and having to think of what to wear every single day, I learnt my style. It was so complicated and messy. But if you don’t know what your style is, go back to basics. Start again. Buy staple clothings, like a plain white t, and work around it.

12. Listen.
Listen more, talk less.

13. I like feel good movies.
You don’t have to be pretentious when someone asks “what’s your favourite movie?” There’s no need for answers like “Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind.” It’s okay if your movie is shallow and basic. It could be that your favourite movie is P/S I love you. Ok obviously that’s not a feel good movie, nor is it shallow or basic, but a good cry movie is good too.

14. Don’t accept yourself, love yourself.
Don’t settle, be the best version of yourself. You are responsible for yourself. Hate that you’re shy? Learn how to be confident. Don’t say “oh that’s just who I am tho.. bla bla bla”

15. Pray 5 times a day for a WEEK to make it a habit. 

16. It’s not about the distance.
You can have a friend that is your next door neighbour, and a friend that lives thousands of miles away. And the one that lives thousands of miles away is the one you call crying.

17. Relationship is a split task.
It includes two people who are living their own life, achieving their own goals, doing their own thing; to come back to each other at the end of the day and share it. It is about independence, not interdependence.

18. Do not trap yourself.
That degree course you parents chose for you that you hate, DO NOT DO IT. Do not put yourself in the situation where you will end up trap by your past mistakes. You will live your life blaming your parents at 30 in the job you hate, living the life you hate. Don’t think “oh I don’t know what I wanna do, so I’ll just do this till I know what I wanna do.” No, by the time you do find out what you wanna do, you’ll be stuck in that sucky path with no way out.


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